Josh Henighan Software Developer

Josh Henighan

Josh is the newbie in Target Training.

A new addition to the team of Software Engineers, Josh joined the team to gain some valuable experience during his IT Apprenticeship programme.

Having already achieved a Triple Distinction* in Computing Josh has joined Target with the ambition to continue to expand his natural skill set for computers and is here to progress his career goals of becoming a respected Software Developer.

Josh joins Target after being impressed with our varied and impressive client list for a company based in the small town of Barnsley. Described to have the best CV to have ever come through our doors and the greatest potential to contribute to projects in no time, there was no doubt that Josh could become a member of the team.

Along with his career goal of becoming a Software Developer, he also dreams of the nice car that goes with the career too – with the record of passing his driving test the first time and with no minors he has already set his sights to have the perfect car.

Josh is a keen traveller and can’t wait to travel the world; he’s already visited the pyramids in Egypt and wants to go further, from the signature waterways of Venice, to the Temples of Thailand; experiencing the different cultures the world has to offer is high on his bucket list.

With a huge amount of potential and can do work ethic, Josh will be working alongside our experienced developers to utilise his existing skill set as well as gain job-specific skills to develop a wider knowledge about software development and set him off in the start of his career journey.

Taste in music:
Greatest respect for the music of Ed Sheeran and anything and everything beside heavy metal.

Weekend antics:
Relaxing with friends, Seeing the Girlfriend, Watching football, MMA & boxing, Enjoying the best homemade Sunday roast dinner.