Phil Atkinson Managing Director

Phil Atkinson Phil Atkinson

Phil is our main man.

Phil has been working in software development using Internet Technologies since 1998.

Customer focused, knowledgeable and system focused; Phil is passionate about replacing manual information management processes with appropriate automated databases giving clients control, visibility, compliance and savings from their data.

“Spreadsheets and hand-cranking reports in Excel is limiting many organisations profitability” is a one of Phil’s mantras. He continues; “If it’s in Excel and it’s important then how much more efficient can companies be if they automate their data and let the information, reporting and escalations drive their business. Many companies have already and one company, through using systems Daryl and Phil delivered, saved over £1,000,000 in the first year of usage”.

A real family man, Phil has a daughter of 23, who is a Pharmacist and twin girls of 16 who are really easy, no stress and means he can always get into a bathroom. (Yeh right!) Phil’s wife Deb runs her own Transcription Services company. He’s been married for seven happy years but 25 in total. No seriously, Deb’s a gem.

There’s no evidence to support he tried to drown his wife’s little dog. Phil says; “we we’re ‘swimming'”.

Taste in music:
Hurray for the Riff-Raff, Mumford and Sons, Martin Sexton, Johnny Cash are just a few of what's on his iPhone.

Weekend antics:
Family, Taxi Driving Family, Golf, Everything NASA, Tracking the International Space Station, his lawn, his hunting bow and mostly spending time with family or with friends exploring red wine. Love people, love life.