Shaun Bellis Senior Software Developer

Shaun Bellis Shaun Bellis

Shaun is a larger than life character.

He has been with Target since 2010 after we head hunted him down through Twitter and offered a pint at the pub to persuade him to join our team. Shaun brings multiple skills from a wide working background in on-line design, web development, buying and customer focus… making him the perfect person to be our senior software developer.

A real family man, he loves to spend all his spare time enjoying family adventures introducing the world to his young daughter. Along with his human family, Shaun has an animal family; being a true an animal lover his family home is providing comfortable living to four dogs, one giant rabbit, one degu, one bearded dragon and huge tank full of fish.

Shaun is your typical lad, he loves a burger and a pint. If he’s not enjoying some form of beer festival at the weekend you will see him on a food adventure, trying all the guilty food pleasures in life. Not afraid of a Man vs Food challenge Shaun’s competitive attitude makes him deliver company projects to the best of his ability.

Smart working and an extremely capable and talented man; Shaun is constantly challenging what we do and asking how we can do it smarter, quicker and better. A real all-rounder and valued member of the team.

Taste in music:
Anything, varied music listener – from Bryan Adams to Jay-Z

Weekend antics:
Photography, Family Time, Dog Walking, Watching Thriller & Horror Films, Drinking Beer, Eating Takeaways and Sunday Dinners.