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A New CMS Always Needs User Input

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“A rich and informative website requires careful planning and thought, so it’s worth spending time on the front end to create a strategy. Developing the plan might expose some parts that are not technically or logistically feasible, which will aid in designing a CMS that works in real-world scenarios.”

The article advises that before selecting a content management system solution to handle how your business will create and publish online content, there are four challenges which need to considered.

It highlights a very important strategy that should be considered when implementing and migrating to a new content management system and that is, choosing a solution that is going to carry you in the future when situations continually change – ‘This strategy should include designating internal staff members to manage content after the launch of the solution.’

Here are the four of the most common challenges described in this recent article:

  1. No User Input in Buying Decisions
  2. Poorly Designed Authoring Tools
  3. Inadequate Training Causes Bottlenecks
  4. Not Integrating well with Ecommerce

It is important for users to have input into the content management system they will be soon using. Meeting the needs and requirements of the user will ensure user experience is positive as well as ensuring the system is efficient and effective enough to carry out all the day to day tasks. Users of your content management system should always be involved in the buying decision and if possible should be able to demo the new prospective solution. Involving users will help develop the system as well as identify and issues; moreover, build up excitement and passion of a new method to always be creating and improving online content.

Gaining user input when selecting a content management system will ensure you aren’t getting a simple and standard system, but a content management that will fit the users exact needs in terms of how they need content to appear and the relationships they might have with other staff members or partners. Designing and developing a CMS solution that can be personalised to meet the different content styles and structures in the organisations will provide the opportunity for seamless content collaboration to create a rich library of engaging multi-faceted content; perfectly put by the article, ‘Websites won’t be rich and multi-layered if the process of entering content is not custom built for each individual user.’

Even though users are involved in the buying decision of a new content management system, it is just as important to ensure adequate training is provided to all users. Not receiving training with the implementation of your new solution will pose challenges for staff wanting to create and collaborate on content. However, providing training will not only help users to understand how the system works but also answer questions by those afraid of change, to why a content management system will make their daily work easier and benefit the end customer.

Finally, integration with eCommerce players in your business should be made easy if you’ve had input to how your new content management system is built and installed. Businesses want to ensure that customer experience is always on a high and that changing systems or introducing solution will not affect the company’s success. With the right content management system that has been built around the requirements and needs of not only the user but the businesses objectives also, eCommerce will run seamlessly while the CMS provides the platform that will deliver personalised content and interaction so customer experience is always at the forefront.

The challenges highlighted in this article can be overcome by partnering with a specialist and knowledgeable IT company that can make the complicated simple.

It easy to get caught up in the most popular providers but would it not be better to have a website that is built and tailored to how you want to look, feel and work; rather than you working around system

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