Posted on 31st March 2010

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New Software Development Company Launches to Take Advantage of Commercial Sector’s Embrace of Open Source.

Brand new software development company, Target Information Systems launches today specifically to help organisations improve their business information management by turning spreadsheet, old database & legacy systems into modern, smart, permission controlled Intranets.

Barnsley, South Yorkshire – 31 March 2010. Many companies in recent years have started to look to alternative back office solutions to the usual Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP platforms.

The Open Source environment with Java application development has been adopted by organisations such as Barclaycard, Motorola, The US Government, DHL and many other blue chip companies.

“Open source components, working with bespoke Java application development, are an agile, rapid, and robust method of delivering mission critical systems to businesses of all sizes”

Target Information Systems (Target) Technical Director, Daryl Greensill.

Target’s development team has worked with numerous blue chip brands and has proven time and time again the flexibility and adaptability of the open source architecture and demonstrated how Java applications can help companies gain a better insight into their business through excellent business intelligence created by effective business management systems.

Open Source Java applications are more affordable given the free to use licensing of the Open Source environment. It means that Target is able to deliver smart, tactical and very valuable business intelligence. This is done by either replacing existing information management methods or integrating systems into an Intranet environment that enable business to get the digital dash-boarding at the touch of a button.

Target offer the kind of data reporting that organisations have only dreamed of. A Target Intranet can replace costly analysts who often manually distil and present management information.

“We feel that the time is ripe for businesses to move to open source and to remove spreadsheet data handling in order to improve efficiencies and productivity. Information visibility is key for business managers to make key decisions. Target provides companies with experience and expertise in delivering affordable, bottom-line focused open source information management and intranet solutions to business.”

Phil Atkinson, Managing Director

Target is open for business and is looking for companies who want to make a direct contribution to their bottom line from improving their information management and introduce efficient and effective business management systems.

Target Information Systems are celebrating double-digit success in 2020, as they mark their 10-year anniversary.

Since opening its doors in 2010, Target has experienced tremendous growth and success, receiving numerous awards and accreditations, and recognition…
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