Posted on 31st March 2010

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Staff at Target Information Systems have been working closely with Coca-Cola Enterprises to improve their operational systems and how they manage their workforce planning.


Since 2008 staff at Target Information Systems Limited (Target) have been working closely with Coca-Cola Enterprises to provide business management systems to improve their operational systems and how they manage their workforce planning.

Their Problem

Coca-Cola Enterprises, at the world’s largest Coke bottling plant in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, needed to increase the workforce mobilisation through having workforce flexibility.

If the site doesn’t have the correct staff compliment on a shift to run one of their twelve production lines it could lead to downtime, which, when producing 2000 cans of pop a minute, means potentially huge costs.

The site was managing its labour demand planning, information such as what skills staff had and the work areas they were signed off in by using Excel spreadsheets and manually managing the data. The major issue was that, on occasion, lines had to be stopped whilst the correctly trained resource was brought in. A single hours’ downtime on a line can cost up to £100,000!

Our Solution

Target staff took the manual information management system and migrated the information, data and working logic to a smart, modern, Intranet software application, which enabled Coca-Cola to better manage, share and report on all the data surrounding labour planning.

Previously this had been a full time job for two people to calculate and plan labour costs and costs for agency staff. The new system automatically generated agency labour fee costs to cross reference to agency invoices.

With employees, team leaders, shift managers and manufacturing managers all working collaboratively in one system the control of labour and the ability to flex staff around the plant lead to significant reductions in costs.

The Results

The application the installation took just four months to implement and has been running over twelve months.

In the first year of utilising the system that was created by Target staff the site saw a 5% total reduction from their £20M labour costs, i.e. a £1,000,000 saving in year one!

The system was rolled out to all of Coca-Cola Enterprise’s UK manufacturing sites in late 2009 and has now been identified as a solution for the entire European Supply Chain.

The Long Term

The Wakefield site saved over £1,000,000 in just the first year, we expect this to continue to deliver such savings year after year based on their previous processes, even more as they develop the system to incorporate more tasks and departments.

The bespoke business management systems are so flexible and readily configurable to do other tasks that they has now moved into distribution and warehousing areas and will soon be the only labour planning tool at the Wakefield plant.


‘The business was managing line production, shift patterns and staff resourcing manually using spreadsheets, which worked to a point but was far from ideal.”

“The system has already demonstrated a return on investment through better use of management time and has enhanced the overall site awareness of, and communication process regarding, workforce flexibility. In particular, the new system has reduced slow working or line stoppages caused when workers with the right skill sets could not be found fast enough.”

Steve Platt, CCE European Learning and Development Manager.

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