Posted on 31st March 2010

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Target Information Systems (Target) worked closely with West Yorkshire Police to improve their information management


The team at Target Information Systems (Target) worked closely with West Yorkshire Police to improve their information management with new business management systems, making huge annual savings.

Their Problem

Each year West Yorkshire Police are involved in thousands of pre-planned operational events such as football matches, public order tasks and searches as well as other events from fun runs to Leeds Festival.

Their nine policing divisions have limited budgets but need to share resources to meet operational resource needs. They have a serious requirement to ensure that the right officer is in the right place at the right time with the right personal protective equipment to meet a resource requirement.

Area Divisions receive between 13% and 20% of the force budget and Divisional Commanders were constantly bickering and complaining as to how they were being asked to provide event resources over and above other divisions.

Resources were managed by the Logistics team in a number of Excel spreadsheets and data was often inaccurate, out of date and extremely difficult to query to prove resources were being requested fairly.

Also, arranging the resources was taking a great deal of time with a great deal of “noise” from phone calls and emails, typically a few days before the event.

Our Solution

Taking the manual Excel management method the team at Target created an Intranet application that enabled the planning team to better manage, share and report on all data and information relating to pre-planned operational events.

The Intranet application is a software system that uses Internet technologies and Java, open source components to deliver an entirely fit for purpose and highly effective resource planning tool.

This new tool is always working towards making the provision of resources from divisions fair to a preset level of budget share in the force.

The Results

West Yorkshire Police now have complete transparency on the fair provision of resources from divisions to police pre-planned events. This is now achieved through excellent business intelligence reporting.

The force achieved a significant reduction in the planning time as well as reduced phone calls, emails and meetings around the logistics of managing the policing of an event.

The Long Term

West Yorkshire Police now have a platform on which to bring in other information about events and resources and will use the same system to provide the skills audit to the Association of Chief Police Officers for the Olympic Games.

The Force will continue to benefit from long term savings as the platform can be readily adapted to meet changing needs and so does not have a limited shelf life.

The system is now being rolled out across other regional forces following a high level report to Chief Constables in North Yorkshire, Humberside and South Yorkshire as a potential solution for policing events as part of the regional policing strategy.


“I’ve been working with the core team at Target for over five years and have been, literally, astonished at how they have taken very loose requirements from non-technical cops and created a system which has made the task of planning force events so much simpler.”

“I inherited the system from a previous Inspector and over a three year period I worked closely with Phil and Daryl to really move the system along. It made the process of managing so many events far quicker and simpler; as well as totally removing the political issues between departments‟.

Former Inspector of West Yorkshire Police Logistics Division and the system owner in force, and now Technical Consultant Police and Security Services at Target, Graham Armitage

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