Posted on 10th May 2010

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Gibbins Cost Lawyers Make Investment in Lean Business Management Systems

Leading UK Law Cost Draftsmen firm, Gibbins & Co. has recently taken delivery of a business critical Intranet application from Target Information Systems to further improve their excellent 35-year industry reputation for customer service and satisfaction.

Information management plays a critical role in modern businesses. Often, due to focus, cost or a need to react to customer needs to generate revenue; some companies aren’t managing their data as effectively as they could.

“Our firm is 35 years old with 27 staff and hundreds and hundreds of clients sending us hundreds of cases each week for us to cost”

“We grew steadily in the 90s and have continued to grow steadily in the last few years. We were managing our solicitor clients and the physical cases they were sending to us in spreadsheets, using Excel. The data load on the business, having to control the solicitors, their fee earners, the location of the cases and our fee earners commissions for work was cumbersome, slow, inaccurate and occasionally cased a case file to be misplaced for a few hours. We needed to do something to improve our business information management and Target Information Systems has delivered an elegant, functional and now business critical system to us.”

Jonathan Brennan, Partner at Gibbins & Co.

“I’ve been talking to companies about information management now for over fifteen years. Jonathan’s business was no different from many companies I’d visited in the past.” He continued “Gibbins were controlling lots of data in the only method that had at their finger tips, spreadsheets. Target Information Systems (Target) target information systems of this nature and replace manual and legacy information management with modern, smart, permission controlled Intranet applications.”

Phil Atkinson, Managing Director

Target are using Open Source components and Java programming technology to deliver information tools to a range of businesses. Using Open Source programming means a low cost of ownership and the flexibility of Java development means companies receive exactly the functionality that they need to run their business more efficiently with have tailor made business management systems.

“At Target we are able to rapidly understand our clients’ needs and translate that to an Intranet application from which they can start gaining an immediate commercial advantage.”

Daryl Greensill, Technical Director.

Gibbins described the system as being “the most successful IT project they have ever undertaken” and Target as “a delight to work with, professional, friendly, innovative and passionate about what they do”

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