Posted on 21st June 2010

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Target Appointed to Leading Digital Creative Resource Website,, to Deliver New Digital Distribution Platform

The UK’s leading online digital creative resource website, has appointed Barnsley based software development company, Target Information Systems to deliver its new, 2010 eCommerce and Digital Asset Management Platform. and its sister eCommerce site, have appointed Target Information Systems (Target) to replace its five year old platform with a smart, modern, open source Java application.

“We’ve had a very exciting four years of growth with, our concept site, a site established five years ago to give a platform for organisations to be able to have royalty free access to a host of movie, image, PowerPoint and written resources”

“I was leading the way that churches in the UK were delivering new media presentations in church. Often much of the content was being searched for and taken from Google. The problem here, if you use someone else’s intellectual property in this way you are open to being sued. Our plan was to create a very low cost resource site where all content is royalty free to avoid these problems” Managing Director, Wayne Grewcock

There have been numerous cases in courts in recent years where content owners have seen their work suddenly appear in advertising or on other websites without any consultation. Intellectual property theft has been an emerging issue in the last ten years with more and more people relying on the internet, and Google, for resource to deliver anything from PowerPoint presentations to national advertising campaigns.

“The easy access to images, video and written work that the Internet gives us is often too tempting for some people to resists”

“I’m not suggesting that people are necessarily to lazy, it’s often just difficult to find what you need to deliver that important presentation or compliment your website or printed work with good images. is an excellent resource for creative’s where the content is royalty free and where some of the subscription fee being shared each quarter with the contributors”

Phil Atkinson, Managing Director of Target, the company behind the new platform.

The new site was launched on 1 October 2010.

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