Posted on 8th November 2010

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Coca-Cola Enterprises Wakefield choose Target to PRINCE2 their document compliance

We are experts with data, data aggregation, data migration. Whether it’s writing complex data parsing tools or manually migrating data; we have the skills and experience to get your data right and clean.

Here’s are two excellent end to end case studies about data and business management systems being used in Coca-Cola Enterprises Wakefield.

Coca-Cola Enterprises Wakefield is the largest Coca-Cola bottling plant in Europe. Until the opening of the Mexico City plant in November 2010, Wakefield was the largest bottling plant in the world.

The site employs 650 staff with 450 on a 4-on, 4-off continental shift pattern in four teams.

In 2011 it was identified that the plant standard operating procedures needed a refresh to ensure that the site had a 100% compliance status to ensure that staff were correctly and currently trained to work in a work area.

Although all of the knowledge was known and there were existing and functioning processes as well as supporting documentation the refresh took the following path:

A PRINCE2 project manager was appointed to:

  • Identify and itemise all work areas, all required documents and all required competencies.
  • Identify all key staff with the on-line knowledge
  • Create a fresh suite of documents
  • Identify requirements for a Document Management System
  • Manage a software development process
  • Manage a document migration to the Document Library
  • Deliver the end to end project
  • All documents reworked and signed off by team leaders
  • Document & Digital Asset Management System created
  • All teams trained on a class room basis
  • System delivered and Change Management Process kicked off

After 10 months of hard, collaborative and positive work the entire site user manual was delivered to the business.

The services used were:

  • Manual Data Aggregation & Weekly Activity Reports & Risk Statements
  • Document Creation & Initial Sensible Storage Structure
  • Creation of a database to hold the documents & digital assets
  • Data automation on versioning, change requests and staff briefing status
  • Document expiry, owner, review date

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