Posted on 23rd December 2010

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New Document Management System Creates a Fizz at Coca-Cola Enterprises.

The largest manufacturing facility in Europe for Coca-Cola Enterprises has today taken delivery of a brand new document control software, Athena, to manage, share and control their enormous amount of site documents.

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) at Wakefield has six-hundred and fifty staff operating twelve production lines producing a large range of products for retail in the UK.

It’s essential that the company meets regulatory and compliance requirements of internal and external audits to ensure the quality of their canned and bottled products. Today has seen the installation of a smart, modern, open source Java Document Management System (DMS) application from Target Information Systems (Target).

“We have been managing and controlling our documents for training aids and training manuals at the site in paper, spreadsheet and old, internally created databases for over 20 years.”

“In recent times we have used Enterprise DMS from the major players but weren’t able, with current resources, to deliver the precise requirements we needed at site. The team at Target IS have delivered their Athena system which has addressed all of our current needs and offered enhanced features beyond the initial scope”

GB Learning & Development Manager, Steve Platt.

“The core team here have been delivering data and information management systems to a host of incredible companies over the last ten years such as Nintendo, Barclaycard and Nokia. The call from Coca-Cola Enterprises to help with a flexible document management system to meet their specific needs was a welcome challenge.”

“Athena is a highly configurable document management and control system, it’s readily able to deal with the specific requirements of our clients business. It’s specifically built to meet the rigorous requirements of Quality Management systems such as ISO9001 and British Retail Consortium”

Phil Atkinson, Managing Director of Target IS

Athena is designed to remove manual management methods, spreadsheets and provide a clear audit as to which staff resource is signed off to specific documents as it provides a configurable folder and work area structure to any business shape.

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