Posted on 10th January 2011

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The Answers to Managing Rapidly Growing Digital Collections

It is safe to say in this day and age we are surrounded by digital assets! High resolution pictures, photos, branding images, videos, audio media, PDF documents, spreadsheets, presentations, reports and just so much more; they are all playing an important role in our businesses.

However as your business grows the amount of digital assets you acquire over time will start to become uncontrollable, and finding a simple image turns into a chore as you struggle through shared drives to find what you really need.

As your digital collection rapidly grows, you look for a solution; do you hire someone to manage all your assets? Do you improve department workflows so digital assets are handled more efficiently? Or do you look at an online system?

Well… you don’t need a single employee to manage your assets; if anything it is a team effort to maintain an efficient work process. To improve your departments works flows for efficiency you need a centralised online system that can manage your assets as well as automate activities and reporting.

Digital asset management software is technology’s answer to gaining control of your digital collection and creating efficient workflows and business processes.

DAM systems are helping with the management of your digital collections by organising your digital property and the information associated with each file.

  1. Storage

Storing assets are normally a drag and drop into shared drive folders; with no Meta data to help catalogue for future searching. Digital asset management software enables you to store unlimited digital assets securely and fully supported, with asset cataloguing to create easy browsing and direct search results.

  1. Business Processes

A central online digital asset management system will help streamline your business process. DAM ensures the use of business-wide standards to guide employees through approved company processes to maintain efficiency with common tasks so they are complete to the highest quality.

We have seen our Digital Asset Management Software ECHO, help gain control and more coverage across the business to better service Press and Trade Users.

  1. Instant visibility

With multiple drop-in folders offering multiple versions of digital assets, it proves difficult to ensure you have the correct file. When specific digital assets cannot be found and are hidden from others, it’s just not useful to anyone. DAM software enables you to find and share your digital assets instantly. Not only can you pull out and share your company’s assets easily; but innovative and creative software included in the system can also create reports to show the whole life-cycle of your digital files.

Conclusion – DAM is the key to finding your digital collections!

Digital Asset Management Software:

  • Helps you organise and store assets easily
  • Share your assets efficiently
  • Puts you in control of your digital asset collection

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