Posted on 28th August 2012

Thought Leadership

Creating a Press Centre with Digital Asset Management Software

Digital Asset Management Software, it’s pretty much in the title of what a DAM system does. Personally we all have our greatest memories and pieces of work in One Drive, ICloud and memory sticks but in the case of digital assets that relate to business, is that the safest place to store and manage them?

When you really think about digital assets within your company, I can imagine your mind is blown to how many assets you actually have – images, videos, audio, presentations, documents … the list goes on.

You then start to think ‘well how do we manage all these documents?’ – Folders. Yes folders are great to keeping the desktop tidy instead of documents here, there and all-over your screen, but soon one folder turns into folders within folders and you start to lose track.

I understand in the creative market field it is so much easier to create your awesome content and to save it to your own folder than go and perform administrative tasks by inputting it into an asset management system. Unfortunately that process is going to cause you a bump in the road as you have this awesome content but if no one else can find it and then you can’t find it, how can you use it? – Plus you have to deal with the day to day, time consuming annoying office question of, ‘Where’s your file? Can you send it to me?’

Evidently if your digital assets are living within folders upon folders it is time to improve the workflow with a DAM system. At Target we understand the capabilities of a DAM solution and with our clients we have understood how efficient and effective a DAM workflow is.

Our clients use our product Echo – this is our digital asset management software that we have found to be the perfect solution for any company needing to host and share large quantities of digital assets. Echo is not just a storage system it is also a distribution system, we are helping organisations better manage and publish their marketing assets to press and trade users.

We have worked with international video game developers needing to distribute video images to journalists, to global faith organisations wanting to share content for worship… It doesn’t matter if your digital assets are for shoes, cars, baked beans or the Prime Minister; our Echo DAM system has transformed the way businesses share and use digital asset management systems.

How did we create a press centre with a basic digital asset management framework; Well at Target we did what we did best; we listened – taking the business challenges and creating a software solution. With a library of thousands of digital assets, we make the system work the way any organisation wants it to work – the software we create is always secure and most importantly puts the client in control.

Imagine… assets and content, easy to find and all at your fingertips.

Digital Asset Management software, it’s taking marketers a step into the right direction.

Reach out and together we can make your business even better.