Posted on 19th February 2018

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If you think health & safety is expensive, try an accident

What lessons have we learned as new sentencing guidelines get tougher?

The largest Health & Safety fine in 2017 was £3.6million; an increasing culture of cutting corners is exposing workers to serious risks and contractor compliance is still one the biggest health and safety challenges that businesses are facing today.

Finding the time to control every aspect of a contractor coming onto site for work can involve a lot of chasing and a culture of cutting corners increases, such as:

  • Relying on paperwork rather than checking what was actually happening in the depot.
  • Failing to ensure safe systems were in operation.
  • Inadequate training and supervision.

HSE have posted the health and safety statistics for Great Britain (2016/2017) Stating 137 workers were killed at work, while 609,000 injuries occurred at work and the estimated cost of injuries and ill health from current working conditions was £14.9 billion.

If you think Health & Safety is Expensive, try an Accident. Sometimes you can’t prevent an accident, but you can demonstrate your due diligence.

Managing Health and Safety doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With a system in place, it is in fact quite simple and easier than you think.

Our Verature, a visitor management and contractor control system, is enabling businesses to capture information, reduce risk, maintain compliance and evidence due diligence to Health and Safety procedures.

Enforcing competency and compliance with your contractors, Gatehouse is an automated information management system enabling organisations to manage inductions, accreditation and insurance documents to ensure safety and reduce risks, before, during and after your contractor arrives on site.

An efficient and effective health and safety process will help your organisation improve how you control, manage, and ‘build up’ your procedures around compliance and health and safety; with an instant view of who is on site so you can identify risk, non-conformances and audit initiatives so you can always remain secure and compliant.

The Gatehouse Visitor Management and Contractor Control System helps your business with providing a company safety culture by; recording and managing individual and company data, audit results, insurance documents, health and safety questionnaires, induction information and more. A secure login for your visitors and contractors allows them to…

  • Deal with the compliance requirements beforehand; so any pre-qualifying questionnaires, health and safety questionnaires and RAMS can be uploaded against their contact profile.
  • Be inducted off-site before a visit to save time, with a link to an Induction video and video questionnaire.
  • Be notified of any non-conformances or expiring insurance documents that have been previously submitted.
  • Be easily signed in and out of premises as well as issued day passes and permits to work authorised by appropriate departments.

It’s a modern twist on a traditional feature, Gatehouse is providing the most efficient, cost effective and convenient way of monitoring your site, so using it is a whole new experience and one that is more personal than ever; ensuring nothing gets missed.

Want us to show you how our visitor and contractor compliance system can drive more visibility, performance and due diligence throughout the contractor onboarding process?

Contact us for more details or you could arrange a free, no-obligation tour from the comfort of your desk via webinar.

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