Posted on 16th July 2020

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We are ISO 27001 certified!

We are very proud to announce that we are ISO 27001 certified! The security of our client’s data is a top priority for us and this certification gives us confidence that we’re following industry recognised standards to deliver the best level of information security.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent, international organisation that sets the global standards for security and safety. ISO 27001 requires a company to have an information security management system, which means having a documented process for managing sensitive company information, HR processes, and IT systems.

Our team has been working continuously to achieve these information security standards and an independent assessment was conducted by the ISO Certification Body so we could demonstrate our commitment to information security. The path to gaining our certification took place with the close involvement of all employees, who were actively prepared for their tasks and duties within the framework of ISO 27001.

Being ISO 27001 certified is testament to the fact that Target Information Systems prioritises data security to ensure; confidentiality, integrity and availability. We’ve made improvements to our IT structure, office security, training, risk assessment, and much more.

What ISO 27001 means to our customers

  • We’re following the best guidelines to protect your data and Target Information Systems is compliant with the highest standard for information security
  • We’re delivering increased reliability, availability and security of all our systems, information and client data.
  • Customer data is rigorously protected and accessible only by authorised users
  • We assess, minimize, and eliminate risks and vulnerabilities
  • We’re creating an internal culture of security within Target Information Systems, so all employees prioritise information security.
  • We offer operational excellence when it comes to our IT, HR, and information processes
  • We’re fully aligned with our customer requirements for confidentiality and the integrity of their data.

This certification is the latest milestone in our information security road-map to continuously demonstrate our commitment to data security. The team at Target are deeply dedicated to protecting our customers’ data, and we’re very happy to have our ISO 27001 certification to prove it.

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