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How To Not Forget About Your Documents

document control software

Document control, document management and document storage are challenges which businesses face every day. It has been reported in a global survey that information workers waste 12.1% of their time per week dealing with challenges related to document creation and management. Without efficient and effective methods, documents can be lost, misplaced or forgotten about.

Developments in technology are providing solutions for business to say goodbye to misplaced files and mountains of paper so they can create paper-less environments as an alternative to stacks of documents and filing cabinets.

Document control software is offering businesses with an abundance of benefits – being an efficient and effective system that can preserve all your documents in a secure online filling system as well as help your team keep everything up to date.

Using document control software that is centralised right in the heart of your business will ensure the storage, sharing and finding of documents is as easy as can be. From training resources, to health and safety documents, certificates to instruction manuals; document control software will store them securely within the business and make them readily available.

Additional functionality that has been created alongside the basic platform of a document management system is allowing businesses to decide who can view documents and enhance compliance. Permissions and alerts and escalations features enable businesses to ensure qualifications and licenses are always up to date and check staff are accessing the documents they need to do their jobs.

Documents will no longer be forgotten about as your document management system becomes your businesses ‘knowledge bank’ – a place where employees can easily access the most up to date information they need, when they need it most.

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