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What we can do for you

The Target team is made up of a collection of highly experienced professionals who like a challenge. We work on small tasks such as creating document management and digital asset management systems, right through to bigger projects, such as full bespoke system builds and global software deployment.

We are a group of problem solvers. We offer Consultancy Services to help you understand the laborious and complex within your day to day activities, and how software solutions can make it simple and quick. As Business Process Consultant we like to analyse your workflows and existing data management systems, and understand your needs and requirements to help you implement process changes while providing you with project management support so you can finally gain the control you desire.

We are the team that created an award-winning contracts management system, delivering more insights into data than ever before, and made a local manufacturing company overcome health and safety challenges and see a significant return on investment in the first 3 months of using their new software.

Key Services:

Information Control:

Notes, document or numbers, whatever the information – We create a space for you to edit, store, manage and share information in a secure system to keep your desk and mind clear.

Data Automation:

We are experts with data. Target brings in data automation, alerts with escalation and automated work plans, home page digital dashboards and the information you need to know right where you need it.

Business Visibility:

Too much information means you can’t see the wood for the trees. Target helps open closed information giving transparency to the organisation and enabling smarter business decisions through much clearer and easier to understand data.

Problem Solving:

We solve problems our clients didn’t even know they had and give them the tools to work better. Our smart solutions save time on ordinary tasks so your focus is making your business extraordinary.

Compliance Workflows:

As Business Process Consultants, we help you implement detailed workflows into the business and ensure nothing gets missed as we build greater controls on how to remain compliant and evidence due-diligence.

Reduce Costs & Save Time:

We move you from manual information management to a system and software that drives your activities and tasks. Not only saving you valuable time to make more informed decisions but also save you money.

Project Management:

We are experts at translating your existing processes into web based software that will transform the way you work. Using our PRINCE2 project management skills and strictly following our ISO, our team will ensure our software hits the mark.

System & App Build:

Need a bespoke solution? We have the team with the skills and experience to deliver what your business needs. Whether on the desktop, or as a native mobile application, it its processing data, we can help.