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Performance Enhancer To Kick Start Data In 2015

Hello 2015! It’s a New Year, a new you and once again the beginning of looking at delivering real business growth.

A New Year marks the ditching of warn out and outdated business practices, as you begin your journey of finding something else. Something smart. Something fit for purpose. Something that is not only going to automate the old processes but reinvent them to enhance your departments’ performance.

Over our former years the evolution of technology has created and provided a valuable set of tools and frameworks that are used to run businesses smoothly today. Now we are seeing technology expand into the dimensions of procurement and banishing the use of spreadsheets to bring you a better insight into your quantitative and qualitative data.

New systems with smart software are emerging slowly in procurement departments to help the management of contract data, activities and supporting documents. Technology is reinventing the procurement process by providing closer integration between procurement and the business strategy, thanks to new and innovative business management systems.

Integration between departments does not only provide a clear helicopter view of all contracts but also improves and drives strategic direction. The ability to access all information more efficiently provides a better time scale to respond to changes in the market and revenue generation. The evolution of the technology enables the flow of information to be available from multiple devices so the procurement platform is then available in different offices and multiple locations.

Data that is managed by new technology allows productive solutions for faster information and analytics. Improving performance installs a culture of long term planning. A longer-term view derives from working closer together as rigorous tracking and reporting functions from new software systems can assess performance against the budget and ensure it is acted on by the cross-functional team that’s operating across that whole spend area.

The evolution of technology is providing a range of opportunities for businesses, helping you manage your data more effectively and efficiently to produce richer information and help you make better decisions.

Will you being throwing out the old and bringing in the new? How will you be adopting technology into your procurement practices in 2015? Is now the time for your new business management systems?

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I hope you all have a successful 2015!

‘…and may the odds be forever be in your favour’

Posted by Olivia Davies