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Personalise Customer Experience with Improved Data Management

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“Life cycle management tools will take the lead, followed by personalisation platforms that help deliver more cross-channel, data-driven experiences; customer journey mapping solutions; and predictive analytics engines.”

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The article describes how marketers this year are making use of their customer data to ramp up their efforts at personalisation. Large amounts of customer data is collected and stored in businesses, such data is providing a 360-degree view of customers and helping marketers improve customer experience. Managing and analysing data is helping build multiple strategies that can target particular audiences and better serve customer experiences.

Marketers want a better grasp of customer data and seek the tools and solutions that manage the information and shape the way content and experiences reach customers.

Data management systems can enable marketers as well as sales executives build a rich, repeatable and loyal lifetime relationship between the customer and the brand. Managing your customer’s data in a data management system will allow business to store important and valuable data so it is easily accessible and manageable to create reports to understand which marketing and sales strategies need to be made.

The article explains that a single view of the customer was the most critical criterion for success in personalisation. Data management system will allow marketing and sales departments see the information they need with just a click of a button. Data management system that will act as customer relationship managers will pull information into one central place, to provide a tool to better enable engagement.

Improving the management of your customer’s data will allow businesses to better measure the customer journey and experience as well as conversion and retention rates.

The article states that businesses needing to gain an in depth view of customer data is not new, but the difference today is that the customer-defined economy is demanding that businesses engage in a highly personalised and relevant manner to improve acquisition and retention rates.

Businesses need to understand that when wanting to gain a better understanding of customer data, you need one version of the truth. Data management systems are providing that platform for the truth. Central data management systems that store customer information from across different departments ensures there is no room for repetitive data errors and nothing gets missed.

The article continues to look at the role of personalisation. Improving data management will provide better insights for marketing and sales departments to create personalised strategies that will improve the reach the customers; ‘looking at past and real-time behaviours to predict a customer’s next action in order to serve them with communications and offers that are valuable to them.’

When it comes to your customer data it is important to not only manage it efficiently and effectively but also analyse the data so you can make informed decisions that will help revenue; simply if you are not analysing customer data, how can you market it?

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