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Prepare to Fail: Data on a Computer Memory Stick

More than 3,000 patients have been sent a letter of apology by the NHS after a computer memory stick containing their personal information was found by a member of the public.

The recent news that an NHS Trust has been using a computer memory stick to hold the personal information of a large number of patients is unbelievable…

As a software company we understand how technology is changing how we manage the day to day tasks around information management and we understand that the process of change in large organisations can be slow and time consuming; but not making efficient and effective changes around data management results in fatal data mistakes and in this case, data breaches.

The article explains that the Trust took data security ‘extremely seriously’ and the loss was an ‘isolated incident’. – But let’s be honest, this cannot happen again; not under any circumstance should important data be stored on an unprotected memory stick.

In our five years of trading we have worked with a number of NHS Trusts to help them gain control over their contract and supplier data by providing online and secure contract management systems.

Our secure and centralised contract management systems allow departments within the Trust’s to carry out tasks around procurement, purchasing and facility activities more effectively as all supplier and contract data can be easily found and accessed, as well as securely and accurately shared and reported between authorised user accounts.

Carrying important data on a computer memory stick is setting your business up for giant fall in the future. Organisations that continue to use memory sticks, inaccurate spreadsheets or unreliable systems need to look towards finding a more efficient and effective way to handle important business data.

Take a moment and look at your current work flow… Is it time to invest and in return save money and reduce potential data risk for the rest of the year?


Target are a software company providing bespoke business management systems globally since 2010 to companies such as Coca-Cola Enterprises, Kier Group and Decathlon. Target specialise in providing businesses with the tools to more efficient, effective and lean by developing creative software solutions for the data management challenges businesses face.

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Posted by Olivia Davies