Welcome to the most advanced Contract Management systems available in the UK

We know keeping on top of contracts, managing suppliers and making sure everything complies with standards can be hard work. That’s why we created Accord.

Accord is our contracts information manager and reporting system providing:

  • Internal Stakeholder Relationship Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Register of Contracts
  • Document & Digital Asset Storage
  • Day to Day Activity Management
  • Automated Team and Individual Work Plans
  • Saving Work Plans
  • Automated Alerts & Escalations
  • Reporting & Exporting

Accord gives you One-Version-of-the-Truth and ensures Nothing-Gets-Missed. Perfect for busy procurement departments, Accord flags up when a contract is due for renewal together with all the contract’s details. It means information about suppliers and contracts can be shared amongst teams at the click of a button.

With reports on spending, secure storage of digital copies of contracts and tender/quote logs, you can relax knowing your contracts are being managed in the most efficient, cost effective and compliant way.

Accord’s capabilities don’t just stop at contracts management; by working closely with our existing clients we’ve made it possible to gain more insights into your data than ever before. We can quantify, measure and track every interaction, transaction and engagement in excruciating detail with our additional modules that integrate and fit perfectly into the base system.

Accord makes managing contracts easy

Contracts Database

centralised contract management systems allowing you to keep everything in one accessible place.

Suppliers Database & Supplier Relationship Management

so you can get the most from your suppliers.

Internal Department Contacts

are all stored in one place so everything can be kept up to date effortlessly.

Supplier/Contract Notes

centralising knowledge which is handy for when new staff join the team.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM functions to manage interactions from past, present and future.


scheduling follow up activities against contracts or suppliers so you’re never left in the lurch by suppliers.


Accord helps you to be compliant

Secure Storage/Permissions

allow administrators to only allow staff to see what they need to see.

Tender/Quote Logs

everything in the procurement process which can be easily audited.

Contract Expiry Alerts

emails and sms can be sent to staff so service never lapses.

Legal Compliance/Support Contracts

stores your year round legal compliance functions.

Audit & Corporate Governance

handles your standards of best practice ready for audit reviews.

Digital Copies of Contracts

create online copies of contract data for a paper free office.


Accord helps you control spending

Spend Forecasting 

contract management systems that keeps you in control of spending.

Payment & Maintenance Schedules

at a glance see how much spend is being made in excess in your maintenance contracts.

Equipment/Asset Register 

keep control of new pieces of equipment and the additional costs and value for money.


shows you what to do next, what’s expiring, what’s your total spend?

Actual vs Estimated

allows you to analyse spend variance.

Savings Plan

allowing you to section cash releasing/cost avoidance savings.

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