Go paper-less and preserve all your documents in a secure online filing system.

Athena is our document control software. Storing, finding and sharing the thousands of documents organisations can seem unmanageable. But we’ve made it easy.

From training resources to health and safety documents, certificates to instruction manuals, Athena stores them securely and makes them readily available.

Decide who can view what. Ensure qualifications and licenses are always up to date. Check staff are accessing the documents they need to do their jobs.

Athena gives a business a ‘knowledge bank’ – a place where staff can easily access the most up to date information they need, when they need it.

Athena keeps your business rolling


quick access to a whole scope of information about your business, staff and development changes.

Team & Staff

easy and clear access for training documents & manuals with document control software functionality.


keeps you compliant and up to date with business maintenance.


Athena allows version control and team updates

Compilation & Merging

add, edit and build documents between individuals to create full operating manuals.

Update Alerts

notifications to relevant document and content changes.


readily available documents for the most up to date information.


alerts you to out of date procedures and documentations.

Change Request

our document control software calls to action your officials for approvals.

Sign Off

check and assess your procedures and documentations before giving the green light.


Athena is your effortless storage bank

Flexible Folder Structure

document control software that manages all document types securely.

Document Tagging

tagging functions for clear search results

Approval Process

alerts to the right department for document confirmation.

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