Product Summary

Create, manage, deliver and archive, hundreds of thousands of digital assets.

Goodbye basic cloud storage; Hello DAM software!

One of the biggest pain point for businesses is the efficiencies around finding and distributing assets to multiple locations, as most organisations still rely solely on emails for delivering assets to others. That’s why we created Echo.

Whether it’s a library of thousands of high resolution photos, videos or documents, we make managing digital assets easy.

Our secure software puts you in control! Set permissions to decide who can download which files. Upload content at a time to suit you then choose when those files are automatically made available. Monitor exactly who’s downloaded what and when.

From international video game developers needing to distribute video and images to journalists to global faith organisations wanting to share content for worship, Echo is transforming the way businesses share online.

Echo is providing an efficient method for a major retailer enabling their stores to order POS.

Whatever your requirement around managing your important digital assets; we can help.


Echo helps you organise assets easily. Echo enables you to share assets simply. Echo gives you the ultimate control over your assets.


Echo enables you to gain control and drive productivity with:

Video & Audio Management

Capture and collect your moving visuals and audio media to manage on one available platform.

Image Stock & Photography Management

Stock high resolution pictures, photos, images to create a gallery of art.

Document & Print Management

File documents, PDF, spreadsheets, presentations, reports and more; all supported by our digital asset management software.

Secure Internal & External User Login

Grant your team access to more valuable and available resources through more controlled digital asset management software.

Extension to Multiple Territories & Languages

Our digital asset management software is an adaptable platform that can be accessed and easily read by multiple and varied users.

Permission & Security Controls

Allows unlimited digital assets to be managed, supported and stored tight within the company.

Asset Categorisation

Take care of all your digital assets with important availability functions.

Asset Pack Creation

Guild bundles full of resources for specific and valuable users.

Search Options

Create easy browsing and direct search results.

Download & Sharing Options

Allow easy access to company patrons for important assets or create a simple exchange process for common sales, as well as smoothly distribute your goods between multiple traders.

Usage Reports With Audit Trails

Monitor all your important assets and find out exactly what and who downloaded your content.


Cost & Value

Here to help, through every step.

We are motivated to creating lasting partnerships and ensure your experience is a personalised one. We pride ourselves on personalising our software and services to tailor your business, so we get it right the first time, and on time.

Target’s clients are diverse. We empower businesses with various systems. The Team can master the complex projects that have the potential to create a lot of value for our clients.

We understand software is big investment, that’s we’re here to make that process simple. We’ll help you mitigate risk, gain the control and visibility you desire and get the maximum value for your budget.

Here are some ballpark figures for a collaborative Target Project:


£950 – £1.9k

In order to help you gather your requirements from key stakeholders we meet, interview and document the business requirements. Typically 1-2 days to deliver, larger projects can require more consultancy time.

Project Kick-off

£5k – £25k

Base System Deployment, Configuration and Training.

From a small asset library for the internal team on an Intranet, to a larger Intranet with external agency access on an Extranet, or your assets available to a wider audience on the Internet; There’s an Echo solution for you.


Annual Support

£3k – £15k

Including Unlimited Users and a Dedicated Helpdesk; Target provides Security, Secure Hosting, Application Maintenance, Support & Free webinar training for users.

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