Product Summary

Meet regulations and keep cogs turning on your assets with Frame.

We found a way to integrate many subsystems into one remarkable compact system. Create a single integrated view of your facilities, assets and equipment with their activities across your business with our seamless and secure Frame Asset Management Software.

Providing you a smarter way to look at data and entirely new ways to stay in touch, Frame gives you a complete single holistic view of all assets and maintenance activities as well as notifying suppliers to login externally and upload their own documents of insurance and certification. Helping you keep in touch and connected with your external contacts and internal team.

Frame provides you with the right amount of information, just where you want it; with summaries of the information you seek out most frequently on your own digital dashboard and notifications to see what’s next on your schedule.

Helping you manage the processes, costs and efforts required for optimal operations, and understand the impact of acquisitions, utilisation, maintenance, improvements, service provision and expenditures. Improving reporting, maintenance history, visibility of all equipment data and notifications for inspections and immediate actions to vastly improve health and safety and equipment maintenance.


Frame makes managing assets easy. Frame helps you to be compliant. Frame provides overall visibility.


Frame enables you to gain real-time access to detailed asset information with:

Register of Assets

A centralised, detailed register of all assets in your organisation at your fingertips. Improve visibility on your corporate governance responsibility and have complete transparency on all the information around Lifting Equipment, Legionella, Asbestos, Pressure Systems etc. Gain control, compliance and save time.

Document & Digital Asset Storage

Upload, store, retrieve, share and access all the documents relevant to your assets. Manage full maintenance logs and service history to gain control, be compliant and be confident that you are always audit ready.

Individual Home Page Work Plans

Significantly improve productivity through focusing your team on their individual work plan. Not only that, as a manager, you have the ability to be able to see each of your teams work plan, instantly. Helping you to effectively resource plan.

Activity / To Do Manager

Set activities for yourself or your colleagues against internal stakeholders, suppliers and contracts. Save time and money by ensuring nothing gets missed with collaborative working. Show due-diligence to any internal or external auditors with a register of auditable activities.

Supplier Login

Provide a collaborative working environment for your Suppliers for handling compliance documents. Alert Supplier to reviews, renewals, etc. Drive Supplier engagement to help with your productivity and save time.

Role Permissions & Hierarchy

Control your users. Set user role permissions and hierarchy to specify what tasks users can perform and what information users can access.

Defect Reporting

See at a glance defects relating to different assets and tasks. These can be graded by severity to allow your team to focus on the real issues and what needs doing next. Historical data can be viewed to assist in making informed decisions on asset replacement or repair for those repeat defects.

Reporting & Exporting

Save time with data automation. Choose from a set of standard reports or export any stored data into a report. Instantly access any of your data any way you wish.

Integrated Supplier Upload

Reduce the time required to process information and help manage your suppliers more efficiently and effectively with the additional functionality to integrate a 3rd party service; where the supplier will upload their information and Accord will automatically download that document and place it within the system.

Database of your Internal Stakeholders

Save time by viewing, at a glance, which contracts an internal manager, department or stakeholder is responsible for. See a register of auditable activities. Gain compliance through good Internal Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Database of Suppliers & Supplier Contacts

Save time by viewing, at a glance, which Suppliers are delivering which contracts to which internal stakeholder. See a register of auditable activities. Gain compliance through Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Digital Dashboards

Enjoy a smarter way to look at data. See at a glance, real-time information, metrics and other key data points relevant to the business and your contract management process, through the use of data visuals on a digital dashboard.


Cost & Value

Here to help, through every step.

We are motivated to creating lasting partnerships and ensure your experience is a personalised one. We pride ourselves on personalising our software and services to tailor your business, so we get it right the first time, and on time.

Target’s clients are diverse. We empower businesses with various systems. The Team can master the complex projects that have the potential to create a lot of value for our clients.

We understand software is big investment, that’s we’re here to make that process simple. We’ll help you mitigate risk, gain the control and visibility you desire and get the maximum value for your budget.

Here are some ballpark figures for a collaborative Target Project:


£950 – £1.9k

In order to help you gather your requirements from key stakeholders we meet, interview and document the business requirements. Typically 1-2 days to deliver, larger projects can require more consultancy time.

Project Kick-off

£15k – £25k

Base System Deployment, Configuration and Training.

£25k +

Advanced, Multi-phase, and Multi-Site Projects

Annual Support


Including Unlimited Users and a Dedicated Helpdesk; Target provides Security, Secure Hosting, Application Maintenance, Support & Free webinar training for users.

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