Authorise, authenticate and secure your business. Manage visitor and site access to ensure compliance and reduce risk.

Gatehouse is our visitor management and contractor control software to authorise, authenticate & secure compliance; managing visitor and contractor access with unprecedented levels of compliance and security.

Organise, control and secure access to your premises; reducing the risk of accidents on site while increasing health and safety compliance before, during and after your visitor walks on site.

Gatehouse is providing the most efficient, cost effective and convenient way of monitoring onsite events, by helping you manage visitors and contractors by authorisation profiles; and recording and reporting on a variety of operation data.


The Gatehouse Cycle

Gatehouse Security & Compliance Cycle

  • Get your Suppliers onboard. Gatehouse deals with the compliance requirements so any Pre-Qualifying Questionnaires, H&S Questionnaires and RAMS can be uploaded.
  • Create Bookings for Visitors and Contractors. Notify the visit via email or SMS where contractors don't have a company email.
  • Internal, approved staff verify the compliance with accept/reject process at each stage.
  • A link in the approved notification enables the viewing of an Induction Video. A Video Questionnaire will pass and qualify the Visitor or Contractor.
  • On arrival, let visitors and contractors sign in. Gatehouse will issue the day pass and the permits to work. The Fire Register is also a live view of the database; manage it online, right down to the individual muster points.
  • Remain compliant with job audits. At the start of the working week, Gatehouse issues all planned contractor visits to enable which ones H&S staff choose to audit. Gatehouse evens stores the results of that audit.
  • At the end of the working day, any keys, passes or items to be returned can be flagged as returned.

Gatehouse keeps you secure

Customer Relationship Management

Verify Visitors & Contractors By Online Profiles

Site Fire Register

Access An Online & Indesctructable Site Fire Register

Document Management 

Store All Relevant Documents & Certificates Against Profiles


Gatehouse gives you complete control

Internal Verification Process

Ensure All Visits Are Verified With A Booking-In Process

Automated E-mail Confirmation & Distribution

Easily Distribute Pre-Qualifying Induction Videos & Questionnaires

Diary Management Dashboard

Keep Track With Diary Management Of Visitors On & Off-Site

Automated Booking-in System

Pre-Qualifying Process To Save Time & Reduce Administration Hours

Alerts & Escalations

Alert Colleagues To High Risk Permit Holders For On The Spot Audits

Permit To Work Creation

Manage Permits To Work Which Provide Isolated And Targeted Access


Gatehouse ensures you remain compliant

Automated Information Request

Automated Requests For Relevant & Valid Certifications From Contractors

Document Expiry Alerts

Alerts To Expired Certification & Insurance Documents

Contractor & Visitor Notifications

Notifies Contractors & Visitors To Update Annual Documentation

Complete Site Visibility

Have Clear Visibility. Track & Trace Visitors With Work Permits

Pre-Qualifying Internal Process

Ensure Inductions Are Completed & Documents Submitted Before Access

Activity & Communication Notes

Record & Track Evidence of Complicance With Extensive Logging Features

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