Product Summary

Increase efficiency and profitability by having everything you need, right where you need it.

Mercury is our customer data management system. It’s the simple way to keep track of all those customers, prospects and suppliers so you never miss an opportunity again.

We know each business has its own needs and ambitions. That’s why we build Mercury to suit you so you don’t have to try to fit your way of working in to a software system. Unlike off-the-shelf CRM systems, Mercury is perfectly made to measure.

The ultimate tool for an off-site sales team, cloud-based Mercury is fully accessible wherever staff may be. It lets users schedule their work and share tasks with the team – so the team is always up to speed on what’s going on.

Our Mercury Legal software is a specialist version built to support cost lawyers. If you want to know how Mercury could be adapted to fit your own industry, drop us a line.


Mercury allows you to manage your data. Mercury allows you to determine your next business move. Mercury makes sense of data.


Mercury enables you to improve customer data and experience with:

Database of Suppliers Contacts

Get the most from your supplier. Save time by viewing, at a glance, which Suppliers are delivering which contracts to which internal stakeholder. See a register of auditable activities. Gain compliance through Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Database of Customers

Store and manage all your customer’s data and save time by viewing at a glance which contracts you are delivering to each customer. A quality Customer Relationship Management tool that provides you with a register of auditable activities for compliance.

User Role Permissions & Hierarchy

Control your users. Set user role permissions and hierarchy to specify what tasks users can perform and what information users can access.

Activity / To Do Manager

Set activities for yourself or your colleagues against internal stakeholders, suppliers and contracts. Save time and money by ensuring nothing gets missed with collaborative working. Show due-diligence to any internal or external auditors with a register of auditable activities.

Alerts & Escalations

Have Mercury alert you or a colleague or your manager; make sure that nothing gets missed. Send email or SMS messages to alert your team to matters requiring urgent attention.

Productivity Reporting & Exporting

Keep an audit trail of your team’s activities. Choose from a set of standard reports or export any stored data into a report. Instantly access any of your data any way you wish.

Centralised Communication

Cloud and a central system that can be used whenever and where ever a team may be, to allowing real time data insights and ensure the business can make more informed decisions on all the data.

Streamlined Customer Campaigns

Mercury helps gather and store all your data to keep track of all customers messages in one central place. Centralising all your data will help the business pull valuable insights on demographics and buying habits so teams can create more targeted engagements and campaigns with customers.

Sales Activities

Mercury can help drive insights to develop offerings, retain customers and inspire customer loyalty; by gainer a deeper level of customer insight, business and their sales. Helping Sales priotirtise its pipeline and determine activities.

Opportunity Reporting

Providing a more collaborative working environment, marketing and sales departments will start to see the benefits of creating new engagement opportunities. Track efforts and understand how well the new strategies, and opportunities are performing.

Intelligence Trail

When collecting data, Mercury ensures your business does not miss a thing. Managing your data and keeps them secure and ensure you have trail information and updates, even so you’re ready for audit.

Individual Home Page Work Plans

Significantly improve productivity through focusing your team on their individual work plan. Not only that, as a manager, you have the ability to be able to see each of your teams work plan, instantly. Helping you to effectively resource plan.


Cost & Value

Here to help, through every step.

We are motivated to creating lasting partnerships and ensure your experience is a personalised one. We pride ourselves on personalising our software and services to tailor your business, so we get it right the first time, and on time.

Target’s clients are diverse. We empower businesses with various systems. The Team can master the complex projects that have the potential to create a lot of value for our clients.

We understand software is big investment, that’s we’re here to make that process simple. We’ll help you mitigate risk, gain the control and visibility you desire and get the maximum value for your budget.

Here are some ballpark figures for a collaborative Target Project:



In order to help you gather your requirements from key stakeholders we meet, interview and document the business requirements. Typically 1-2 days to deliver, larger projects can require more consultancy time.

Project Kick-off


Base System Deployment, Configuration and Training.

£4k +

Advanced, Multi-phase, and Multi-Site Projects

Annual Support


Including Unlimited Users and a Dedicated Helpdesk; Target provides Security, Secure Hosting, Application Maintenance, Support & Free webinar training for users.

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