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Real Time Medical Legal Site Goes Live

Bespoke Software Company launch new medico legal and expert witness website, PeritusOnline to develop a comprehensive database to provide a valuable research tool for the legal profession.

Frequently updated and providing real time results, PeritusOnline is a database of expert witnesses and specialist rehabilitation providers that is available to Lawyers, Barristers and Solicitors to gain expertise research for specialist cases.

PeritusOnline is aiming to become the number one online resource tool for those looking for an expert witness or specialist rehab provider. In its first week it required 40 experts which between them covered over 150 venues across the UK.

Andrew Crookes, Director of PeritusOline says, “After months of thinking about the idea, discussing it and then planning the project we have finally launched. With the help of Phil and the team at Target this new venture has become a reality; the Company’s work ethic is next to none and they delivered the project as something greater than what I imagined.”

Phil Atkinson, Managing Director of Target says, “Andrew came to us with a very unique idea that we weren’t aware of; we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the project and help deliver a modern content management system to help deliver his new venture.”

The database is enabling experts to upload their qualifications, proficiency and contact details to provide valuable knowledge as an expert witness for legal professionals needing specialist information as well as expert court appearances.

Target design and provide specialist UK developed software management systems globally to companies such as Coca-Cola Enterprises, Kier Group and NHS Trusts, to enable greater business efficiencies through providing solutions for the data management challenges businesses face.