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Save It, Store It, Share It Instantly Like a Polaroid Picture

digital asset management software

Polaroid pictures are great; instant photographs that capture a moment which you will later share one day in a photo album amongst family and friends… But as a business how do you share your collection of images with other members of your team; or even clients, press and trade users, instantly and easily?

Digital asset management software is not new on the market, but there has been a high demand for such software in the recent years because as businesses start to grow, their collection of digital assets become larger and most of the time unmanageable.

DAM systems are the perfect solution for any organisation not only looking for a solution to save and store large quantities of digital assets in one secure place, but also have the ability to share assets easily and securely.

Unfortunately with software you don’t have the novelty of being able to shake the asset like a Polaroid picture – But if you are out looking at the market of digital asset management software maybe take these three key features into consideration:

  1. Cloud-based
    A cloud-based system will allow limitless upload and storage space for your digital assets but this also automatically makes it a central repository for multiple and varied users who are granted access.
  2. Data Tagging
    Make sure you take in consideration how your assets are going to be managed by the software. Is it simple folder dumping software or does it have greater functions that makes finding and sharing assets easier? Look for a software that can manage your assets with metadata tagging to create easy browsing and direct search results, while building an asset catalogue.
  3. Reporting
    A very rare feature, and maybe more relevant and specific depending on the industry – but digital asset management software that allows your business to create and let you download reports is a great feature to have. Reporting provides additional intelligence about assets, allowing you to monitor what is popular and who downloaded your content.

Digital asset management software: transform the way you share online.

From international video game developers needing to distribute video and images to journalists, to global faith organisations wanting to share content for worship and a major sport retailer enabling stores to order POS. Target can create digital asset management software tailored to your business to make you more efficient and effective. Need a system? Talk to us:

By Olivia Davies