Exploring new technology in software solutions that deliver new ways of handling the day to day tasks around data and compliance to make savings.

We believe innovative software is the solution to the large data challenges that surround our businesses.

There is no denying the benefits of new and creative technology that is changing the way in how we work. Throughout history, we see machines and new technology replace the hard and laborious jobs, and provide improved services that manually would take twice as long or that were not even possible to begin with.

In the software industry there is the endless building of systems that are being created to service the day to day work tasks around data management in the private and public sector.

During Target Information Systems five years of trading we have understood that data is key to business and finding an off the shelf system to meet all the businesses processes and practice requirements is not easy. We are considered experts in data management as our software skills and business management systems have become an established tool for data control in both the public and private sector; but our biggest innovation for a software solution has been our work with Coca-Cola Enterprises in Wakefield.

Since 2010 the team at Target have been working closely with CCE Wakefield to improve the operation systems and how they manage their workforce planning; recently developing their business management system to help deliver complete compliance at the large manufacturing site.

Our data management and automated reporting, contract management system Accord, was configured and then built to work around CCE requirements and provided a register of contracts, contract manager and an equipment compliance database to work alongside their facilities department day to day activities.

“The automated escalation process built into the systems is also fantastic, giving clearer visibility for Senior Management in our organisation of potential risk areas, well before they become a major issue. It’s an easy to use system, yet highly intelligent behind the scenes.”

(Read more at: http://www.targetis.co.uk/case-studies/)

Here at Target we are taking business challenges and installing tailor-made systems that are configured to work around our clients’ requirements and practices. We continually develop our base platform software solution to ultimately deliver the control, compliance and savings they desire.

It is important to look at how your business operates and see how it could be improved and made better to add back value. Technology and innovative software solutions is helping make your work day easier and stress free; could be the answer to your next business challenge?

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Posted by Olivia Davies