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Spreadsheet Problems In Your Department Process


As a software company that provides systems to solve the annoying problems that plague the work day; we are always introduced to issues that are prolonging activities and tasks on a day to day basis.

We meet a variety of different businesses with very individual requirements; but in our five years of business we have spotted a very common problematic bump in their handling of contract data… Heavy reliance on spreadsheets.

Obviously spreadsheets are going to be heavily used as they are part of your computer package, but is it really wise to be using spreadsheets to manage a core business process? The answer, absolutely not.

As we go to our meetings and do our Webex’s, companies show and tell us about the mountains of data which collects in their spreadsheets. Using spreadsheets for such an amount of data just increases the errors that can occur; the manual process of inputting data and entering calculations means you will definitely experience data inaccuracies.

We are shown how large departments try to use one spreadsheet to handle all the contract data information but also how in some departments contract data will live in multiple places… Which all screams a lack of security and traceability.

If you work with spreadsheets I’m sure you have a list as along as your arm with what’s wrong with using spreadsheets in your core business process. I bet you wish there was an easier way to produce those reports instead of manually cranking them out.

That is why companies invite us to show them how we have captured frustrations and management issues surrounding contract information and created solutions for clients such as:

  • Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • Kier Group
  • ISS at Heinz
  • NHS Hospital Trusts

Here at Target we don’t want to sell you a single, non-adaptable system solution. At Target we like to understand your company, your issues and your needs, because we are a software company and we can tailor our systems to meet your precise organisational requirements.

We like to make business simple… and we believe by removing spreadsheets from your core business process and replacing your process with instant, compliant and secure business management systems is a step in the right direction.

“Here at Target we have had a great deal of experience from seeing clients of all sizes that manual information management and hand-cranking of reports in Excel is both costly and time consuming. It’s time to STOP and take a serious look at how data automation, automated escalations and personalised digital dashboards can help you and your team to greater success”

Phil Atkinson, Managing Director.

Our clients were firstly all shown our Contracts Management System: Accord ( from our base platform system we have worked and collaborated with all our clients to adapt the system so it will always meet their specific needs.

Why live in anxiety knowing your spreadsheet is going to let you down each day; when you can live stress- free by adapting a cloud based system that makes work life easy.

Technology, it is forever changing the workplace and sometimes a scary change for some but with understanding and collaboration, it is the kick start to a more efficient and effective work process.