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A Spring Clean to Make Business Lean

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Spring is finally here!

Businesses are continually growing and with that growth comes new processes and additional data. With the changing of the season you may be thinking it’s time to make a change to your business and do a bit of ‘spring cleaning.’

Developing a lean business mind-set will give you a head start into making the changes to continue having a successful year. With a lean mind-set, businesses will look to reduce costs, improve the deliveries on products and services and ensure customers remain satisfied.

Looking at ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business may mean having to clean up how you handle large amounts of day to day data and multiple digital assets. Leaning your business procedures can sometimes be a hard process. It means establishing smart business processes, managing data effectively and remembering that everyone’s user experience counts. Gone are impromptu business decisions and shovelling data into multiple spreadsheets under the guise of an ‘excel calculated cell.’

Leaning your business doesn’t mean cutting out departments or staff; ditching all your established sales and marketing movements, or skipping the management of large data sets. It’s all about pushing your business to its full potential the right way.

Making your business leaner is all about learning how to dial into your business cogs the right way, so that it doesn’t leave behind any key departments, data or decision makers that make the well-oiled business machine tick.

A highly effective business management system which can be applied to all parts of any business, at all levels, at any stage of its growing development and help bring your business closer to having a full visibility and control of important data and supporting digital assets; and establish improved business procedures. A business management system needs to be easy to understand, highly motivational, and robust to lead to significant and sustainable business improvement and lean business growth.

Here are 8 benefits of a business management system that will help guide you through a successful spring clean.

  1. Value

Cleaning up your business will help establish how you manage your customer’s data as well as your customer relationships. A business management system will increase the visibility on your customer relationships engagements and help develop strategies to liberate dormant customers that need nurturing to add value into your business services.

  1. Waste

Inputting additional data into multiple spreadsheets and folders on multiple drives can quickly lead to duplicate data and wreak havoc on your lean business goals. The benefit of a business management system is pretty simple. A business management system will be your central data hub for your business, allowing every member of staff access so data is available and not duplicated in multiple locations, as well as managing and automating time consuming tasks, and eliminating wasted man hours.

  1. Collaborative Working

A lean business works when everyone can work collaboratively. Working collaboratively enables value adding work to keep your business functioning at an optimal level by helping you maintain your well-oiled machine in every part of the business.

  1. Efficiency

When looking at improving your business, make it a point to be doing business right. You want to manage and control data efficiently so you can optimise your business strategies; a business management system can help you efficiently manage large data sets and assets for clear decision visibility.

  1. Effectiveness

While doing business right you also need to be making sure you are doing the right business. Monitoring the effectiveness of your business strategies and procedures can help you make accurate adjustments to better meet your fitness goals. A business management system will help keep your decisions accountable and lead to make continuous growth.

  1. Innovation

In a lean business mind-set, you naturally look for new ways of doing business for continued growth and success. A business management system is the ultimate innovative way to see news ways of working for success; automated and relevant reports will provide opportunities to look at new approaches for business.

  1. Flow

You’re on a mission, and every mission has a set end point. When setting goals, determine what you want and ensure you have written down that work flow. With a business management system work flows can be created through the system so business have something concrete to keep procedures and activities accountable.

  1. Value Stream

In order to achieve your lean business goal, you need to also have it mapped out in front of you. Visibility on your internal and external business plan will help you focus on the actions under your control. Business management systems can help provide visibility on all parts and levels of your business and show value streams where strategies are working and where improvements need to be made to increase success.

Do you need a spring clean of your business data and processes?

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