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Strength & Condition Your Document Management

document control software

Sick of paper chasing? Ditch ‘em. Multiple filing systems. Forget it. If you’re still fighting against your document management process, it’s time to pick up a new strategy.

The Complaint

Struggling to share documents amongst your team can make company communication difficult. Research has found that employees still believe they are more productive with the old-fashioned pen and paper even though it limits collaborative working and they are more likely to create errors on paper rather in a digital form.

The Quick-Fix Fail

Companies trying to create a collaborative working environment understand that a paperless office is the way forward and start to move documents onto shared drives. Documents are then readily available for the team to use rather than searching through filing cabinets. Unfortunately, this quick fix is not giving your team the tools to add, edit and build documents collaboratively as well as notify others of relevant documents and content changes.

The New Strategy

It’s right to be moving to a paperless office however shared drives are not the answer. Companies need to think about what technology has to offer these days, even for the simplest of tasks like document management and collaboration. Developments in technology are providing innovative solutions for businesses to be more efficient and manage data and documents; as the growth of the cloud and the increasing use of mobile devices rises, a paperless office is fast approaching to be a reality despite the protests of those who favour the old fashion way.

Companies should be looking at document control software to manage their documents. Document control software can enable organisations to manage tasks effectively and streamline the processing of documents, from unstructured content to structured documentation. With a system in place companies can maintain confidentially and the privacy of documents and information with permission functionality to control documents at different levels of authorisation and accessibility. With everything out on the cloud, using a document management system will serve as a collaboration tool between departments either internal or external so documents can be amended in a timely manner as well as seamlessly so nothing gets missed. The ability of document control software is limitless and its implementation is not just to transform an office to a paper-less process – It is increasing productivity, efficiency and security into the workplace.