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System Answers To Your Big Customer Data

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“A big data appliance should be chosen carefully to ensure its value to the business warrants the expenditure.”

  • ComputerWeekly.Com, (2015). ‘Finding the right big data appliance for your business’. Online <>. Accessed: 24 August 2015

The article explores what businesses should be looking for when out on the market for a big data management system. It highlights that the ability to handle large volumes of data is not the only consideration to lead a decision.

Quite rightly, any new business management system needs to be chosen carefully to ensure that the value to the business is sufficient to warrant the expenditure and that a specially built system would be better than a hand-built collection of software cobbled together.

The articles explains that the right system to manage large data needs to be able to deal with the five ‘v’s of big data; Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity and Value. A system with the correct intelligent software to manage and control the five types of big data will ensure the right data resides in the right store at the right time, as well as being able to provide analytical reports so data can be optimised for improved business performance.

As a software company we find that creating and building bespoke data management systems, to handle a business’ large data is the best way to ensure the organisation and its users are getting the most out of their data.

We find when businesses want to get the most out of their customer data they don’t want a system that ties them into a specific way of working. Skills and processes already established should not be thrown out when a data management system is newly introduced. Our developers would rather build a tailor-made system that improve the existing skills by making its users more efficient and effective in their day to day management of customer data.

Introducing a data management system into your business to better manage customer data can provide the ultimate tool for sales, marketing and customer service teams. Increasing efficiency and visibility over customer data will ensure the best business decisions are made and in turn increase profitability because data is where you need it, right when you need it and providing the reports you want to see.

As the article explains there are various different software approaches to deal with different types of data, but rather than over complicating your process and investment; answer your big data challenges with the long term in mind and look towards more specially designed data management systems created to your business and data needs.