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Meet The Newest Member Of The Team

More businesses than ever are discovering the benefits of Accord, our smart, modern and secure contracts management system.  So to keep up with growing demand, we’re pleased to announce that the Accord team is expanding!

James Cole joins us as part of our marketing team. As Marketing Executive, James will be helping our marketing team to handle the increasing number of client meetings and Webex tours of Accord.

Phil Atkinson, Managing Director at Target said: “James has been working successfully in this sector for the last two years and brings with him some brilliant ideas and an abundance of ambition.”

“He will be a main point of contact for you and happy to explain how the Accord database can save you time and money within your organisation”

James said: “After seeing the Accord system, the client testimonies and hearing how Accord is leading the way against competitors, it was a no-brainer to work with Target.”

Closely managing your contracts information has never been more important. In the demanding world of modern procurement, Accord from Target allows clients to work as efficiently as possible, saving time, money and hassle.

We first created Accord Contract Management Systems for Coca-Cola Enterprises in 2010. The success of that project meant we won contracts with other leading companies for the essential task of Contracts Information Management. We”re proud that Accord is now delivering real results for a huge range of clients, including the NHS, local councils and private companies.

James added: “When I discovered that big name clients such as Coca-Cola Enterprises, Kier, Enterprise PLC, Sodexo and South of England Procurement Services were all using Accord to meet their data management and reporting needs, I knew Target had something special. I can”t wait to get started and show other companies how they could benefit too.”

“Target”s already proving to be head and shoulders above the rest. There are lots of software suppliers in this market quick to say ‘we can”t do that.’ At Target, the team always find a way to make software that fits a client”s needs. It”s a brilliant approach to business.”

Take a look at the demonstration version below and contact James or myself for a no-obligation Webex tour or to arrange a meeting with one of the team.