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Who Are Target?


‘Those who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those doing it.’

– Chinese Proverb

Target Information Systems Limited, (Target) is a UK based software company that pride ourselves on making business simple. We are fantastic listeners who like to understand and take your trickiest business challenges and create software solutions.

As a team of imagineers, technical wizards and problem solvers we make the imagination and the impossible, a reality.

We are not your average software company as business for us is not all about the selling a specific software – Our business is about understanding our client, their work process, their requirements and the impact our software can have on helping make organisations run more effectively and more cost efficient.

From document control, customer relationship management, online content and contract information management we know data is key to business, and we are experts with a broad range of knowledge to help you organise data so it is available when you need it most, wherever you might be.

All our business management systems packages are adaptable and we will work with you to build a system platform that meet your requirements and works the way you want it to work… Here at Target we never want to change your work process, we just want to improve your business world.

We are a small 4 year old company but are a rapidly growing team thanks to the success of our projects and kind words from our clients. Each team member of Target has a certain set of skills which are valuable to our company; determined, dedicated, knowledgeable and personal – Together we create your tailored made systems.

Please don’t assume we are working robots, we are hardworking but a friendly and down to earth team with some amazing characters. Our team of the developers you will find in the dark world at the back of the office, secretly ordering Domino’s pizza and discussing the new technology of the world e.g. the IKettle – The World’s First WiFi Kettle. While in our sales, marketing and projects department you will hear the latest updates on diet and fitness, mixed in with television and quirky news updates and our love for the picture of the success kid.

Here at Target we are honest and dependable and our clients love us for that, we build trust by creating excellent relationships and delivering on promises.

So talk to us! Give us a bell or an email handshake…

We would love to hear from you.