We listen, we discuss, we advise and we develop award winning digital business solutions.

We know our team are what makes us. We are a collection of highly experienced professionals who love to learn and use the latest technologies.

We love a challenge and thrive on helping others realise the full potential of a digitally enlightened world.



Phil Atkinson

Managing Director

“Digital automation drives businesses. If companies automate their data and let the information, reporting and escalations drive business workflows; imagine how much more efficient they can be.”

Phil has been working in software development using Internet Technologies since 1998. Customer focused, knowledgeable and system focused; Phil is passionate about replacing manual information management processes with appropriate automated databases giving clients control, visibility, compliance and savings from their data.

If you are looking to gain improved Control, Visibility or Compliance around your critical business data, Phil would be delighted to have a conversation with you.

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April Waddington

Business Development Manager

“Digital drives seamless productivity. Digital solutions provide opportunities for us to be so much more efficient with our processes and activities to help us save time and be more proactive throughout the day.”

April is a professional, proactive and detailed problem solver. With a BA Honours degree in History from the University of Sheffield, she also brings an extensive knowledge of the FM industry and experience in sales and commercial development. Approachable, confident and knowledgeable, April wishes to further her knowledge in facilities and business management and continually engages with clients and other businesses to help identify areas for digital change.



Olivia Davies

Marketing Manager

“Communication is so much easier with Digital. Innovations in the digital industry has evolved the way we communicate to each other, customers and other businesses – conversations are now more instant, convenient and more accessible.”

Olivia is the driver of all the marketing activities and communication. Detailed, diligent and very capable young lady that is continually growing in the marketing role. A Sheffield Hallam Graduate with a Media Degree Olivia has real passion for all things marketing, delivering a creative flair for content writing, creating and implementing campaigns and handling client relationships.

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Daryl Greensill

Technical Director

“Digital is a game changer. Not just being more efficient, but more effective, delivering value when and where the customer and industry demands. Digital is challenging assumptions, driving innovation and change at speed.”

Daryl has over 20 years professional experience. With a background in software development, Daryl has a vast experience of how digital can deliver value and business goals. With a keen eye for detail but an understanding of the bigger picture, Daryl helps us to understand the underlying problem to meet the needs of our clients first time, every time.

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Robert Ellam

Senior Software Developer

“Digital is about being one step ahead. Digital solutions enable us to keep track and stay on top of our day to day activities. Flexible and configurable, digital means we’ll never be left behind in this ever-changing innovative age.”

Rob has a real aptitude for software engineering and systems development. A Computer Science Graduate from the University of Leeds and a Core Programming award winner, Rob has natural flair and curiosity in how computers work. Rob is bright with a real attention to detail ensuring everything is organised and in working order. He is capable of extracting system requirements from clients to ensure that the delivered solution always exceeds their expectations.

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Adam Rahman

Software Developer

“Digital is creating new and innovative opportunities for every aspect of our lives. Digital innovation is continually overcoming challenges in our workplace and home life to ensure we have access to information we need the most when we want it.”

Adam has a passion for building software applications. A Software Engineering Graduate from Sheffield Hallam University, Adam has software skills working at a high level of professionalism. He has a can-do work ethic; intelligent and reliable he is producing a high standard of work and turns projects around in record time.

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Shaun Bellis

Senior Software Developer

“A digital first approach gets results. Enhancing the online customer journeys and user experience drives digital engagement, increases customer retention, and aids critical business objectives.”

Shaun is part of the Senior Management Team and has held a role with Target since the founding days. He brings multiple skills from a wide working background in online design, web development, buying and customer focus. Shaun is smart working and an extremely capable and talented man; He constantly challenges what we do and asks how we can do it smarter, quicker and better.

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Josh Henighan

Software Developer

“With Digital you can have control. A digital approach to business means you can improve the control of your data, documents and workflows. Allowing digital to take care of your business means you can focus on what really matters.”

Josh has an ambition to continue to expand his natural skill set for computers. He has valuable working experience from his IT Apprenticeship programme and a Triple Distinction* in Computing. Continuing his career to becoming a respected Software Developer he has a huge amount of potential and a can-do work ethic. Reliable, detailed in his work, and not afraid to challenge Josh is leading and delivering projects to a high level of client satisfaction.

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Will Roy

Junior Software Developer

“Digital is the future. Digital is changing so much around us that it is an important skill to learn. It is opening opportunities to be more interactive, social and productive.”

Will has a real interest and flair for Computer Science. A mathematical mindset with a keen eye for attention to detail, Will has an A Level in Computer Science, a BTEC in Applied Science and high-level qualifications in Mathematics. Proactive, quick thinking and a calculative approach, he is experienced with commercial programming.



Sarah Mitchell

Operations Manager

“Digital enables me to see what I need to see. Clear visibility on important data is valuable for business, and without digital solutions automating reports and visual dashboards we could be missing key information that affect important business decisions.”

Sarah has many years’ experience in managing projects, accounts, compliance, training, auditing as well as sales. With many banking qualifications she is also our PRINCE 2 practitioner. Very level-headed and a skilled problem solver Sarah ensures clients are serviced well, accurately and in a timely fashion.

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Kerry Brady

Finance Manager

“Digital is how we gain insights. Businesses need to be able to report on budgets, spending, contracts and trends and with digital solutions we are able to have access to those analytical insights.”

Kerry has been in the Finance department since the very beginning. She has analytical, computing and numerical skills and is the one to trust to handle the company finances. A BSc Honours degree in European Business Technology (Management) Software Kerry has accounting skills and commercial awareness; coupled with her experience in financial management services and perfectionist attitude towards balancing the numbers means nothing gets missed.

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Paula Casterton

Office Manager

“Digital is how to ensure a smooth-running office. With a digital solution automating daily processes, and providing alerts to renewals and expiries, you improve overall productivity of day to day tasks.”

Paula has a large experience in office administration and management since 1998. Qualifications in providing Family Support and a Teaching Assistant providing support and learning within the classroom; Paula is a dependable, considerate and respected member of the team and oversees office activities while providing a helping hand to the marketing, sales and projects department.

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