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The Desire to be Productive

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“People have always sought to maximize their 24 hours. Now, where analog to-do-lists once sufficed, the toolbox for increasing efficiency has greatly expanded.”

Interesting article on time management apps in the workplace for employees to make better use of the working day, but debating if the technology is making workers more efficient or is it an excuse to review employee productivity.

Over the past few years as technology has advanced, the population have increasingly tried to squeeze more productivity out of their day, revolutionising time management and the tools to help manage tasks and various amounts of accompanying data.

The article explains how developers are moving away from personal apps to create more office based systems for business. It states ‘time management tools designed for an office may be more complex than those for personal use, and they may also need to accommodate different types of data reporting.’

As a software company ourselves we believe that any business management system created should be developed and tailored to the meet the requirements and goals of the business. Bespoke business management software will open up closed information and allow smarter business decisions from clearer data and action alert functions.

An effective and efficient business management system will provide a more connected team and improve communication to drive forward priority settings to improve any important decision making. A good time and business management system should have the technology and capacity to do what you want and need in more interesting ways. A system that can help employees and managers to collaborate and integrate, enables different levels of oversight to understand all aspects of the business and to push working together productively and coherently.

The article concludes that it may be difficult to convince employees to switch to time and business management systems because of it not meeting the requirements of key and frequent users. Business management systems should be a mean to increase productivity by helping employees become more efficient, cost effective, but only if it is bespoke and tailored to user activities.

Could a business management tool improve your day to day productivity?

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