The first thoughts that come to mind when considering document management is to buy a filing cabinet and some folders and start printing and filing because you love a hard copy. If you’re a fan of computers you start your document management using a folder structure on a shared drives so other members of the business also have access to your documents.

But are these ways a secure and efficient way of document control?

You’re right it isn’t. Looking into the future as your business starts to grow you’ll either end up in a room full of filing cabinets or be lost in a sea of folders trying to find the most recent version.

The majority of small business are still storing documents in a mix of paper and electronic formats, despite the fact that most organisations are now reaping the benefits that are associated with a paperless environment.

A paperless environment is your answer to a quick and easy way to manage documents, but how do you go paperless? With a little help from some document control software.

Document control software is providing organisations with the tool to go paperless and preserve all their important and valuable documents in a secure online filing system. The software can ultimately allow business to store, find and share thousands of documents simply and easily, saving you valuable man hours to do more important activities.

From training resources to health and safety documents, certificates and instruction manuals, document control software manages your documents in the most efficient way to provide you with a business knowledge bank.

Functionalities like document tagging, secure folder structures, version control approval process and a login system ensure that an organisations documents remain secure, compliant, relevant and readily available with the most up to date information for all.

Document control software can reduce large amounts of risks that could pop in your audits, with alert functionality and sign off procedure put in place, the software and ensure all qualifications and licenses are always up to date.

Although the printed page remains a crucial feature of office life, organisations are not gaining the valuable savings in time and money that document control software has to offer.

Transitioning from paper to electronic document?