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The Rise of Video Calls for Digital Asset Management Software

digital asset management software

“Improving the management of video can have a rapid and significant return on investment, so organisations are increasingly motivated to address the issue. Moreover, being able to find not only a particular video but also information within the video is also growing an importance.”

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The article published last year examines how video assets have become an important enterprise assets but it still remains a common issue that it is difficult to manage video assets from every stage; from capture, to distribution, as well as subsequent access to stored content. Digital asset management software is thrown into the mix, to be the solution to control the rise video content management as well as other digital assets to replace methods of files that are typically scattered in multiple locations, including Dropbox, SharePoint and share drives.

Technology like digital asset management software is providing businesses much more than another method to store large amounts of digital assets; the article looks on how improving the management video assets can have a rapid and significant return on investment, so businesses are increasingly motivated to address the issue of managing every stage of all digital assets.

The article explores how an education organisational found peace with digital asset management with a software solution.

Digital asset management software has been around for a long time however some businesses are not using the right and robust systems to their full potential to maximise on the benefits and results they can gain. The situation is not surprising because in terms of video assets they can have multiple uses that range from training and education to marketing and corporate communication, so it is easy to simply store the asset in folders on share drives; however the issue is that businesses are not gaining the valuable reports that can be generated from videos and the information within the video.

As businesses publish more video content, there is always additional images, documents, presentations that are collected and published alongside that need to be managed as well. Digital asset management software should help you:

  • Organise assets easily into product catalogues and asset packs with essential tagging and Meta data functionality.
  • Let you share assets securely with members or trade and press clients so you can control who has access to important assets.
  • Give you complete control over your assets so you can easily find as well as monitor all your important assets to find out exactly what and who downloaded the content.

Continuous business growth is exactly how you want your future to look, but mounting digital assets will hold you back if not managed correctly and failing systems that can’t provide performance reports will not provide your business with the information to develop. Time spent trying to find the right digital asset with the right information can make a big impact on your ROI as well valuable man hours; not knowing how your assets are performing will lead you to spend more hours or researching who your target market are and what they want from your business.

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