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The Year of Data Management

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‘2016 will be a year when many farmers may lean on their own collected data more than ever to manage inputs and boost returns where possible. The big concern hovering over many of those conversations is the issue of data control and ownership.’

  • Farm Industry News, (2016). ‘Data Management for 2016′. Online <> Access Date: 04 January 2016.

With businesses continuing to grow, data has shown to become a common issue in regards to growth. Data is being created in large amounts and continues to be unmanaged and unattainable when best practices haven’t been put in place at the start of the business growth.

The article explains how the farming industry is moving towards improving how they handle and control large and different types of data in their business, as the industry moves towards cloud based technology to help capture data and make important service decisions.

Advances in cloud based technology is making it possible for business to input data from anywhere and anytime, on any device without having to deal one user spreadsheets problems. Inputting and storing business data in a cloud based data management system allows businesses to have clear visibility of all data and its corresponding notes and even documents; making business activities more efficient, and saving valuable man hours in the process.

The key point being highlighted in the article is for farmers to ensure they have the right infrastructure to get most of the benefits from a data management system. Issues around network and computer resources are focused on, but it is important that as a business starts to grow, you need to have a data management system that can also grow and can be developed to changes in your business process.

Choosing a data management system that can be developed and configured to meet business requirements can save a lot of money and time in the future; ensuring the right infrastructure will save businesses from issues around system changes and integration costs.

The farming industry is moving towards using a data management system to control their business data, but in hindsight most industries should be going down the same journey in 2016 to finally get control of their ever growing data.

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