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There Is More To A Basic Content Management System

New ideas, new entrepreneurs and new businesses are constantly being created, but in such a technology focused world you need to look at your online communication strategy.

This weekend a friend of mine had his grand opening of his recording studio and music services; and notably as a new business owner his first call of attracting business was putting his business online at the same time with a brilliant website that had online booking functionality…Impressive I know!

Online communication is the key to driving your business forward in today’s fast-paced environment; you and your product need to be easily found in the digital space and what better way than a website!

A Content Management System to showcase your ideas and business online is your way to improve your marketing communications and business by increasing customer or audience interaction.

Web development platforms like our Sprite Content Management System are enabling limitless communication possibilities; upload, edit, organise and publish what you want to say and how you want people to see it.

The great thing about a content management system is that it is a central platform for your business. The system creates a collaborative environment with secure access controls to enable multiple users within your company to populate and handle version control more efficiently.

CMS platforms have developed other the years to not only manage content and store files, but manage your marketing activities. More complex and powerful functions have been created to support basic CRM functions; integrated customer relationship management is enabling email marketing distribution – so marketing is being made that much simpler now you have more control over your mailing groups.

A content management system for your new ideas and business can be basic or can have more developed functions; we have worked with clients around CMS projects and find that you and your content should not work around your website platform but your website should be made to work for you.

The opportunities to develop CMS platforms are endless. An adaptable system for your online communication is ensuring you can manage anything and be found anywhere.

Need a new website platform? Take a look at our Sprite Content Management System, and how we are already helping clients with their online communication – Posted by Olivia Davies