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Tis The Season for Improvement

As an avid gym-goer and fitness lifestyle fanatic myself, I thought I would look at the concept of ‘Bulk Season’ – or as what my trainer likes to call it, ‘Improvement Season,’ and apply this to how making the right choices can improve your business outlook for next year.

Bulk season for fitness enthusiasts is all about the bulking attempts to build muscle mass – to my trainer it is the season and time to make the improvements needed to build the greatly wanted summer body. So as a business reaching the end of the year, it is likely we are all looking back at this year’s successes as well as some of the problems that need to be resolved and improved for next year.

So when you look back at 2015, what do you think you could do to improve and build your business ready for next year?

In the last year we successfully deployed our Contract Management System Accord, to procurement and purchasing departments in six new organisations in the public and private sector, who required better control and visibility of their data to bring real savings to time and money in their organisation.

So how can you improve this season?

Spot Your Team

A spotter is someone that assists in weight lifting to prevent injury; In your business, departments should spot each other and collaboratively work together to ensure nothing gets missed in your procurement process and compliance risk remains low.

A central data management system, accessible by all departments will make communication more convenient. CRM functionality in Contract Management Systems can allow departments to improve the management of interactions with contracts and suppliers from past, present and future. Collaboratively managing important and valuable between departments will help connect teams, activities and internal contacts.

Control Your Data Feed

As bodybuilders know, you need to control your diet and intake to build muscle effectively. In procurement and purchasing departments, you need to control and effectively manage the large amounts of data that accompany your expenditure and income contracts with suppliers and services; so you can in turn save on spend.

Effectively and efficiently managing your contracts and supplier data in something like our Accord Contract Management System will provide a better insight into your contracts by providing a complete picture of purchasing activities. Feeding your data into information management and automated reporting software enables your data to be available all in one space (rather than in multiple files and spreadsheets), organisations are able to improve decision making and negotiation times to help control spend.

Track Your Gains

Creating gains is what improvement season is all about. Tracking progress is how you decide to make improvements. A system that can control the way you manage information and provide real time automated reporting for reports that are configured to what is most important to you, improves the way businesses manage their contracts, suppliers, services and time and money.

To ensure your procurement and purchasing activities are on track to making valuable savings, robust Contract Management Systems can flag up when a contract is due for renewal together with all the contracts details. Functionality to alert and notifying of expiry, renewals and urgent actions ensure all your contracts data is being manage in the most efficient, cost effective and compliant way.

What are you doing this season to improve your business?

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