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Top University Enrols Barnsley Software Company Services

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Ranked amongst the top 2% of Universities in the world, National University of Ireland Galway has enlisted the services of a Barnsley based software company to develop their new contract management system to improve data capture in their Procurement & Contracts Office.

The home to more than 17,000 students and attracting over €50 million in direct research income annually, the worldwide recognised University tendered the need for an implementation of a Procurement Contracts Database system and awarded the contract to software company, Target Information Systems.

The UK developed contract management system, Accord is providing a central repository for all the tendering activity that NUI Galway are engaged in. The system is resolving issues around the required internal and external standardised reporting and enabling an effective and efficient supplier and contract management process.

Ann Melia, Head of Procurement and Contracts at NUI Galway says: “We needed a new way of automating the activities around much of the contracts, suppliers and reporting that was being created in our Office. We awarded the contract to Target because we could immediately see the benefits of Accord and the opportunities it presented for improvement; their contract management system perfectly met our requirements and was great value for money.”

Phil Atkinson, Managing Director at Target says: “To be chosen to work with such a worldwide recognised University is unbelievable. It was a very competitive tender we were involved in but fortunately our system came out on top to provide their Procurement Team with the tools be to more efficient and effective. Our software is already used globally by other organisations but NUI Galway is our first ever client in Ireland.”

The system provides their Procurement & Contracts Office with real time data and reporting to flag when a contract is due for renewal together with all the contract details to ensure everything complies with standards to save time, effort and money.

Target’s specialist software is providing business management systems globally to companies such as Coca-Cola Enterprises, Kier Group and Pret A Manger since 2010. The software company is providing businesses with the tools to be more efficient, effective and lean by developing creative solutions for the data management challenges businesses face.