The Art of the Possible.

Target was created from knowing the working world can be made simpler with innovative software solutions that can provide control, visibility, compliance and savings. Target is a software development company made up of a collection of highly experienced professionals who like a challenge.

We offer consultancy and bespoke development services. Target deliver digital leadership to business requirements; creating varied data management systems, full bespoke system builds and global software deployment.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation, together.

We understand software is a big investment, but we can make that process simple. We are motivated to creating lasting partnerships with our clients and providing ongoing support and collaborative working to realise the opportunities of digital within the workplace.

We should pride ourselves on always growing with the company, digital changes and their demands.

“The Accord system is a fantastic piece of software and I am delighted by the win for the project; I would not hesitate to recommend Target and their service to others.”

Ann Melia
National University of Ireland

“What is most beneficial is that Target does not simply fulfil requirements but demonstrates an understanding of the client and the business and thinks ahead.”

Andreas Strothmann
Take-Two Interactive

Leveraging a wider field of view to let you see digitally.

We like a challenge and love to think outside of the box to enable businesses to reap the benefits of the digital world.

Target are not from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, as a collection of highly experienced professionals we are always forward thinking and will work with clients to show the opportunities of a digitally enlightened world.

Thought Leadership

The sensational story of data misuse – a lesson to be learned

The latest story couldn’t be more appropriate to put fear into your business and your data processes as the new General Data Protection Regulations go live. GDPR applies to all organisations that handle, store and process personal data. Under the new legislation, technical and organisation measures must be taken to minimise the processing of personal data…


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Enabling results that gives you an unfair advantage.

We are the team that created an award-winning contracts management system, delivering more insights into data than ever before, and made a local manufacturing company overcome health and safety challenges and see a significant return on investment in the first three months of using their new software.

We understand your business objectives and determine how digital solutions can deliver the results you desire.

Designed to last and hold its value longer.

We know that every business is different and unique. Every client presents a new challenge, a new opportunity and the chance to do something different.

We analyse workflows, current systems, understand the needs and requirements of businesses to help you implement process change and digital transformation.

“Working initially with Target’s Consultancy Services we were able to map our ideas and explain what we wanted in a Contract Management System. Through their knowledge and expertise, we were able to gain peace of mind that we were not missing anything in our procurement process…”


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Reach out and together we can make your business even better.