About Us

Simply, we use technology to transform the overwhelming – to the simple. At Target, we know the working world can be simpler. Our clients know that too. We create software solutions that make work easier and empower our clients to be very best that they can be.

We are a software company – a collection of imagineers, technical wizards and problem solvers. We take our clients’ trickiest business challenges and create technological solutions that transform the way they work.

We save our clients money and time by developing software to simplify tasks and functions they didn’t think to challenge – anything is possible with imagination!

We are experienced Business Process Consultants who independently analyse your data management systems, implement process changes and provide project management support.

Being experts with:

  • Data
  • Databases
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Process Flow
  • Data Management Systems

We have delivered valuable Business Process Consultancy which has lead to detailed workflow documentation and on to business management systems that deliver real, measurable value to our clients.

Many businesses choose to throw Human Resources at data management creating power bases within their business where data is closely guarded.

Target helps open up closed information systems giving transparency to the organisation and enabling smarter business decisions through much clearer and easier to understand data.

Removing spreadsheet data management and removing people who are hand-cranking reports in Excel means significant savings to the business in terms of both time and money.

If you or your team are spending an enormous amount of time trying to make the data work within your business we can provide an independent, professional, external view on where bottlenecks are costing the business money and where openness and transparency can improve productivity.

Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone for a friendly, informal chat about how it is possible to make your data make profit.

Others have and the return on investment has been quick and significant.