Welcome to Verature, the new name for Gatehouse

Target Information Systems has always been about transformation.

We are transforming our Gatehouse name. We still are developing the same great contractor compliance systems but with a new name and new brand. 

Verature Contractor Compliance Management

Developed with various organisations, such as Goodwood, The Wellcome Trust and Ornua Foods, our Contractor Compliance Management System deals with…

  • Health and Safety Questionnaires, Insurances, Expiries and Renewals,
  • Contractor Inductions with Induction and Assessment on-site or off-site
  • Risk Assessments, Method Statements and other job credentials (IPAF, FGAS, etc.)
  • Tracking of Permits to Work

… to overcome health and safety challenges, help save lots of time and paper chasing, and so you can demonstrate your due diligence.

Verature is Contractor Management Software you can rely on; helping to mitigate incidents caused by non-compliant contractors to:

  • Prevent damage to your reputation
  • Avoid large HSE fines and prosecutions
  • Have a full compliant audit trail of your contractors

Developed with various organisations and manufacturing companies, the system deals with; Health and Safety Questionnaires, Insurances, Expiries and Renewals, Risk Assessments, Method Statement, Tracking of Permits to Work… daily to help you save time and paper chasing, and so you can demonstrate your due diligence.

Take a look at our quick summary of how we developed the best subcontractor and contractor management compliance software on the market: 

Want more? Check out https://www.verature.co.uk/

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve developed the Verature Systems to enable your organisation to continue safely with, Homeworking access, Lone working options, and Contractor compliance approvals process.

With a lot of uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, your business can move towards a productive future and improve your contractor management and compliance with innovative software to seriously contribute to your savings in time, money and employee safety!

Want to see how you can manage Contractor Compliance?

Check out our new Verature Contractor Management System website and book a demo with our team at: www.verature.co.uk

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Verature Onboarding Kit

Not sure if Verature is right for you? We understand it’s not easy to make a decision on a new system, but that’s why we’ve created our Onboarding Kit to make that that process simple.

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Keeping this guide with you, and working closely with us, we can walk you through each step so you can be completely up and running with your own Verature system.

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